Online Program Registration

Control Field Trip Portal Access

Enable open or closed access to the Field Trip Reservations page. Options to require users to request account access and matching to their respective organizations.

Tailor Your Questions

Design questions to be used for a variety of programs. Choose from a variety (drop-down, fill-in-the-blank, check box, radio button, open text, numerical only, and more...) of formats based on the output you desire.

Customize Your Registration Forms

Using your tailored questions, create custom forms that can be unique per registration program or common across all programs. We’ll work with you to create your form template that will contain your branding, general disclaimer(s), and contact details.

Pricing and Audience

Set your pricing based on the schools you work with. Tailor your programs, price points, and visitor types based on your guests and venue practices.

Customer Portal Controls

Schools can manage their reservations themselves, enabling your staff to focus on education offerings and prepare for their arrival.

Add-On and Upsell

Provide options for guests to add lunches, activities, tours, and more to a single cart. Add-on and upsell options can be added by school contacts online or by staff onsite.

Credit Cards and Purchase Orders

Secure credit card processing is handled via our level 1 PCI-compliant payment portal. Guests also have the ability to generate a purchase order at the end of their transaction.

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