Turnkey solutions for educators managing everything from individual household camps and classes to school field trip programs and activities.

School Group Reservation Tools to Save Time, Increase Sales, and Make Guests Happy!

Your turnkey solution for school groups to reserve and manage their field trips Streamline communications between venue staff and valued community educators. Save time, increase sales opportunities, and learn more about your guests to improve their experiences.

How does it work?

  • 01
    Setup and configure

    Create initial reservation parameters based on school account, pricing, and program offers, and change the order cutoff date.

  • 02
    Grant Access

    Provide access to your school coordinators. This can be password-protected or open.

  • 03

    Manage payment and order changes for the group once the change order date has passed.

  • 04

    Check-in groups via mobile authorization Adjust headcount for accurate attendance tracking.

Core Benefits

Streamline the process of school group registration, payment, and check-in.

Save Time

Empower your schools to create and manage their bookings freely. Save time coordinating with contacts, checking availability, and editing booking details.

Added Convenience

Present all options at once for tickets, activities, and lunch. Capture key details for registration, waivers, and consent forms to streamline group processing upon arrival.

Quick Check-in

Greet your group contacts and provide easy options for adjusting counts and validating entries.

Steamlined Reporting

Customer database to enter and recall organizations and contacts. Detailed reporting to view visitation and purchase details.

Online program registration

Configure the registration process based on what matters most to you. Provide upsell and add-on options to enhance the guest experience onsite.

  • Open or gated registration for school group coordinators

  • Ratio management for crowd control

  • Unique price points and offers by school profile

  • Easily configure registration forms and waivers.

  • Digital signature capture and configurable waivers

  • Add-on educational programs with time and capacity features

  • Add-on options for lunch or advanced retail item selection

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Program Administration with a 360° View

Obtain a better understanding of your school group visitors and what programs interest them. Tailor your offerings based on interests and budgets.

  • Manage customer accounts and profile access.

  • Provide options to handle single- or multi-day reservations.

  • Access contact details and communication methods.

  • View payment activity and order parameters.

  • Manage customer access and payment parameters.

  • Easily edit group visitation details and manage payments on-site.

  • View completed forms and pending payments.

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Attendance Tracking and Mobile Check-In

Mobile check-in features provide quick check-in functions, reduce waiting times, and quickly count attendance.

  • IOS-based authorization for iPod and iPad

  • Quickly capture attendance details and make adjustments as needed.

  • Notifications if payment has not been completed upon check-in

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