On-site infrastructure and business process review

On-site business process and infrastructure reviews enable our team to gain a better understanding of your business operations and ensure the correct solutions are in place based on your venue's needs.

Remote and on-site training

The Wild Republic Tech team spends time with clients to ensure users are comfortable with the system's features for everyday use. Training is provided onsite and remotely, pre- and post-go-live. Remote training sessions are available throughout the time you own the software, with onsite training as an option.

Design services

We understand that branding and aesthetic appeal are important for your organization. Our team provides design services for e-commerce sites, homepages, and self-service kiosk applications.

Application development

Whether you are looking for custom middleware between your existing systems and our offerings or new applications to meet specialized requirements, we have you covered.

Social media integration

Integrate popular social media platforms with your e-commerce site. Provide guests with the ability to log in using their Facebook and Google+ accounts for easy access. Enable guests to share their purchases with family and friends, promoting your venue.

Ongoing setup support

Receive continuous support year-round with the setup of your events and programs. As part of our support and maintenance services, we provide assistance with the creation of sales offerings as needed.

Third-party integrations

Interface our software applications with your existing programs as needed. We have provided numerous integrations with various applications, such as accounting, procurement, and fundraising systems.

Secure, integrated payment processing

PA-DSS-compliant payment processing solutions incorporating tokenization and data encryption lower the PCI scope for our clients. SSL encryption provides additional security for your guests.

Simplify Field Trip Reservations and Check-In

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