Improve the guest, member, and group visitor experience.

Wild Republic Tech FocusPoint360 is designed to help venues learn more about their visitors, the activities they take part in, and the items they purchase. Our turnkey solutions help you view data across sales outlets to make better decisions.

Real-Time Integration with the Point of Sale

Sell products onsite and online. Utilize real-time communication between the point of sale and eCommerce site to manage program capacities and availability.

Consignment ticket sales

Utilize options to manage our consignment ticket sales via print or our web portal for ticket resellers.

Manage the process of selling tickets to third parties. Customize ticket printing, set ticket IDs, manage customer accounts, and track commissions and redemptions of tickets sold.

Detailed Reporting

Utilize several standard reports to provide a clear view of guest activity within your venue. User-configurable reports empower staff to manage sorting and filtering options for data mining and export with a few simple keystrokes.

Our reporting interface comes with web guides and live help, and it requires little training. Optional interfaces with third-party tools like Microsoft Business Intelligence Tools are available.

Ticketing and Special Events

Sell a variety of tickets, from general admission to special events, with time and capacity controls. Up-sell and cross-sell various options, such as membership or combo tickets, for redemption onsite. Utilize registration forms for events.

The ticketing module interfaces with membership, group sales, and bookings. Users can also utilize print-at-home and mobile ticket features for ease of use.

Membership Management

Membership with FocusPoint360 provides you with the ability to more accurately track member attendance and view your member purchase and visitation trends.

Run the membership module independently or fully integrate it with FocusPoint360 admissions and ticketing, group sales, kiosks, retail, food, e-commerce, education, and facility rental offerings.

Process new purchases, gift memberships, and ticket-member upgrades, and integrate with third-party tools for donation, CRM, and email marketing functionality.

Education, Facility Rental Bookings, and Resource Management

Users will have the ability to handle various types of advanced reservations for guests. Create and manage education programs, facility rentals and their associated resources, confirmation forms, waivers, add-on items, and payment options.

In addition to this, you have the ability to interface with other FocusPoint360 modules. Reservations are shared with internal reporting and can be shared with calendar systems for staff management.

Responsive Web Design for E-Commerce

eCommerce sites that render to a variety of devices, from phones to tablets and desktops.

Users have the ability to sell tickets, memberships, education programs, special events, process group sales, collect sponsorships, and collect donations. Promos, discounts, up-sells, cross-sells, and in-house advertising provide venue staff with means to control their offers and incentives.

Guests can receive their membership cards and admission tickets directly on their mobile devices. Guests also receive their purchase tickets, memberships, and confirmations in their email inbox.

Group Sales

More accurately process and manage group reservations in FocusPoint360. Sell items across multiple areas of business, including tickets, retail, food, and events. Group reservations are posted to an internal calendar with options to view a dashboard of upcoming activities. Utilize a variety of features, including group ratio management and configurable payment options based on end-user group types.

Web features for group sales enable staff to process group sales requests or complete bookings. Full booking features provide features for up-selling, user-configurable forms, and payment options.

Retail and Inventory Management

Sell products with special discounts and promotions available for guests to redeem. Manage inventory for multiple sales locations and interface with other modules such as membership, group sales, and bookings.

Affiliate Pages

Expand your sales reach. Provide affiliate partners with tools for unique branded links with their negotiated pricing. Track sales activity and performance as part of your sales and marketing efforts.

Self-Service Kiosks

Add a little automation to your sales processes to shorten lines. Self-service kiosks are available for admission, food, and beverages. Monitor your kiosks with centralized reporting and management.

Food and Beverage with Inventory Management

Sell an assortment of food products with special discounts and promotions available for guests to redeem. Inventory management controls can be down to the menu item or the components of your recipes.

Manage inventory for multiple locations and interface with other Wild Republic Tech modules such as bookings, group sales, and membership. Sell products on your self-service kiosks, POS workstations, or tablets. Manage product availability, serving times, combo up-sell features, and more.

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